Wednesday, February 3, 2010


What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing.

My favorite words for today:

boon, moose- (my daughter gave me this one), ilk, wholly


  1. so why indulge in it?

    Or is it the other way round; that we are helplessly exposed to it and guilt swallows us up?

    Either way, as you say, it is good for nothing at all, and I was a Catholic once and maybe still am. Somewhere. I hope not.

  2. Ilk is such a good word. A solidly Anglo-Saxon word (I think! Maybe I should look that up?) that makes me think of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.
    Anyway, guilt. Pretty useless unless it makes you reconsider something that you'd like to do differently the next time. xoxo

  3. Friko
    Good question, 'Why do we indulge guilt?'.
    My guess is that we've broken one or more of our self made rules we have on what is good and what is not. So instead of dealing with the inner battle of a broken morality code people try to wheedle around guilt by ignoring it, justifying it, passing the buck or playing the victim. When we ignore guilt I feel we empower it to take up residence in our minds and sit in ready to pounce on us again and again.
    When I catch myself feeling guilty I first STOP the inner chatter, ASK for another way of seeing the situation and then LISTEN for what wants to happen next. For example right now I feel guilt re being on the computer for too long-by my rule book. So what I notice is the slight inclination to continue on and ignore the guilt. So if guilt is good for absolutely nothing-which I believe, 'what wants to happen next?'-- is for me to make a conscious choice to stay here or not.
    Thankyou Friko for giving me the opportunity to take a better look at guilt.
    I wonder what you meant about being a Catholic???
    PS your visits are appreciated.

  4. Deb
    So you think guilt can be useful. I agree in that it triggers a feeling in me that is not pleasant which is a trigger for me to ask for another way. So as a 'heads up' warning to stop and question what is really going on it works great. I see it in the same catagory as hate, anger, fear, they all can lead me to ask for another way, to ask what love would look like here?. When guilt is used for self flagulation to be better next time then it is good for nothing. Deb thanks for the visit. We are of a simular ilk don't you think? Hugs