Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aging-A time to Reflect

I see your soul

Aging-A time to Reflect


Where is my worth?
What is important to me?
Where do I want to put my energy?
What is my greatest desire?

Being real, being just who I am
it is enough
It is all anyone wants of me

Choosing love over fear
With love
Not always knowing how to
but knowing willingness is all that is needed

Sitting in Inner Silence
Knowing we are all connected
In the limitless expansiveness that we are

Come sit with me awhile
Be one
And remember who you really are
Who we really are

And we shall laugh, oh we shall laugh.

Maggie Dumbarton 03:02:2010


  1. Hello Maggie

    I have popped over from somewhere???I can't remember now...but that is not important.
    I like what you have to say, Being real is an important goal for me too.

    I love your red dirt footprints. They remind me of red ochre rock paintings, but I like the message that I read in them too....
    Did you create it or find the prints?

    Happy days

  2. P.S. Isn't Rohinton Mistry wonderful

  3. Delwyn
    Welcome here. Having a peek @ your blog I can see your a spiritual kind of gal too.
    I found the footprints in Arches National Park, Utah, USA. I highly recommend a visit there. If you like red rock this is the place for you.
    Thanks for the visit.
    Good day mate

  4. Delwyn
    A Fine Balance is my favorite book. I haven't read any of his others which makes me wonder why not.

  5. Very cool photo, Maggie. It looks like clay, and I was thinking it would be neat to make a pathway like that.

    Your poem is very thoughtful, very eloquent. In fact, the more I re-read it, the lovelier it is. I never knew you were a poet!!

  6. What a fine poem! I love the picture as well...

  7. Thanks Deb. It's not about wanting to write a poem as much as it is about not wanting to write full sentences. I do not feel like a storyteller so this format suits me well.

  8. Thankyou Shattered. It is surprising to get feedback because the blog was about just about trying something I found scary to see what happened.

  9. choosing love over fear....
    or being fearful to choose love, maybe ?

    I love your words....

  10. Beth: Youch! So true re being fearful to choose love. Sometimes it feels like jumping into a void and trusting I'll be OK.
    Thank you & nice to hear from you.

  11. Hi Maggie. First off, thank you for visiting my blog...

    Second, Your name is one of my two favorite names when I write stories. Maggie and Kate.

    Third, your poetry speaks to me. I would like to invite you over to Discovering the Purpose of Our Lives more often, we need your input.

    Fourth, please email me so we can correspond on some things. I can feel your energy from Nevada...don't know where you live...but it feels really strong to me.

    Five I look forward to more discussions and I am following your blog!!

    What a happy surprise today visiting your blog after finding your comments on DTPOOL...welcome kindred spirit...

  12. Donna, welcome. Truthfully I am a little overwhelmed by your response. You seem to be one of those people who just gets to it while I am one who sits on the side and waits and watches-so my response is to want to step back but I am happily following your blog.
    Found your other blog relating to your dad very interesting- to have the privilage of peeking into your world of having a dad with demensia.

  13. You know the music can be paused...Thank you for visiting...Your thoughts about being real are shared, silence is something I find on my walks in the woods, alone...and we are all so connected, sometimes! I think I will follow you!

  14. Hi Wanda so glad to have you share here. Don't get me wrong about your music, I loved it in the end.
    For me too it is when I become still in my mind that I can connect with the oneness.