Monday, February 8, 2010

Little Old Me

Little Old Me
Still part of my wardrobe

Little old me
ready to retort
I am neither that little or too old

Little old me
oppressively cloaking

Little old me
gloved in false humility
with hand out
taking in
ego pumping
words of adoration

Little old me
outdated thought
that has to go
Has anyone seen my Red Shoes?


  1. Well, Maggie - I think you're wearing them!

  2. I'm little, but not aren't quite red, but maybe magenta! Loved your words! That Redwood tree looks like a shoe!

  3. Wanda I wonder how you feel when you wear your magenta shoes. My hubby and I traveled through the Redwood National Park in Northern California and for me it was just so magical. I fell head over heels in love with these trees. This one does look like a shoe!

  4. Hi Maggie

    this little old me has a thing about red shoes too...and I have just remembered didn't Clarrisa Estes Pinkola write a folk story about the red shoes... it seems familiar...

    There is a lot to think about in your poem...
    Do your red shoes 'fit' you now?

    Happy days

  5. Delwyn,I googled Clarrisa Estes Pinkola and you're right she wrote an interpretation of the classic story Red Shoes. I haven't read her book 'Women who run with the Wolves' yet.
    In her interpretation of the story, the Red Shoes represent the desire for instant gratification, addictions and how they lead to a hollow painful existence.

    It, along with your question made me think about my Blog title and what does it mean to me. For me the Red Shoes metaphorically represented daring to be seen for who I am. I'm just going to go journal about this now because I can sense some confusion re what the Red Shoes really represent. What I got is that the shoes are not just about stepping out and daring to be seen but a 'need' to be 'special'. So there is an inner battle going on for a need to be special and a fear that I will discover that I am not. Both sides of this battle are crazy because they keep me in a place of fear and neediness. So my asking is for another perception of this. In the silence, I hear and know that I am that I am, whole, complete. In this place I don't need Red Shoes but now that I don't need them I might just get me some for fun.
    Delwyn, your visits here are appreciated. Bet you weren't expecting a self therapy session for a response when you asked: 'Do your red shoes fit you now?'.
    How about you? You comfortable in your Red Shoes?

  6. Maggie, I'm seeing a whole new part of you here. After, what, 18 years of being friends??? I'm delighted, and think your 'voice' is very you.

  7. Maggie, it won't be long before you wear your red shoes with pride. It looks to me as if 'little old me' is realizing that this cloak is perhaps becoming obsolete and she will be stepping out soon, head held high, no longer as insignificant as she has seen herself up to now.
    Blogging is a wonderful tool for (re)discovering oneself.

  8. Deb, ditto for you. I guess with the freedom to write anything lots of things get written that may never have been said eh? A treat to share this with you Deb.

  9. Friko, I agree, blogging has been an interesting outlet to get thoughts out. I'm hoping that the next blogs swing away from deep self reflection and are more fun - maybe try the walk and photos idea that you did so well. Your encouragement always a welcome sight.

  10. I like those red shoes. Very nice metaphor.

    And that barn in your header. Did you come here and take a picture of ours?? I swear it's identical - color paint, amount of wear, snow, everything! I'm stunned.

    Check it out, without snow:

  11. Hey Ruth. Still working the comfort level with the 'Red Shoes'-go through phases of fun and confident to 'what I doing'. My header is actually a fence. Checked out yours Ruth-stunning. Also checked out your other blog-some jaw dropping photos there. I just got Scott Kelby's books and slowly working my way through so keep an eye my way--I should be improving--fingers and toes crossed.