Friday, January 15, 2010

The Vintage Man

Between a good artist
And a great one


The novice
Will often lay down his tool
Or brush

Then pick up an invisible club
On the mind's table

And helplessly smash the easels and

Whereas the vintage man
No longer hurts himself or anyone

And keeps on


Hafiz 1320-1389

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beauty everywhere
in the
taken for granted
ice on bench
a ball of snow that leaves its mark
as it rolls
and casts its shadow
be aware
beauty everywhere.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


discontinuous, VIGILANCE, eternally, immutable, bounded

Sometimes I come across a word that makes me pause & repeat its' sound over and over as I savour my time with it. Oh to be tickled so easily, for this I am grateful.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why is it so hard to say God?

While writing my profile I said that what is most important to me is God. It was not easy to put that out there. Why? Of course it has to do with a fear of being judged and dismissed but what is it about the word God that gets me antsy?
I decided to ask God for the answer.
Question: God why is it that I find it so difficult to declare my devotion to you?
Answer: Maggie, it isn't the fear of being judged and dismissed because you believe in God that causes you to be antsy, it is your fear that 'You', all of 'You' will be found 'wanting' if you put yourself out there. If you take a look at other areas of your life Maggie you will see your fear of taking a stand on almost anything and everything. Maggie, let this blog be a safe haven to express what you like and don't like, to express your dreams and fears, to be wholly honest with yourself. Blessings.

So I guess that is a big step putting it out there that I talk to God and he answers. So be it, I am ready to speak my truth.
What a way to start a new year.
Would love to make some connections with you out there.