Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why is it so hard to say God?

While writing my profile I said that what is most important to me is God. It was not easy to put that out there. Why? Of course it has to do with a fear of being judged and dismissed but what is it about the word God that gets me antsy?
I decided to ask God for the answer.
Question: God why is it that I find it so difficult to declare my devotion to you?
Answer: Maggie, it isn't the fear of being judged and dismissed because you believe in God that causes you to be antsy, it is your fear that 'You', all of 'You' will be found 'wanting' if you put yourself out there. If you take a look at other areas of your life Maggie you will see your fear of taking a stand on almost anything and everything. Maggie, let this blog be a safe haven to express what you like and don't like, to express your dreams and fears, to be wholly honest with yourself. Blessings.

So I guess that is a big step putting it out there that I talk to God and he answers. So be it, I am ready to speak my truth.
What a way to start a new year.
Would love to make some connections with you out there.


  1. Hi Maggie! I like this new blog and think the design better reflects the artistic and creative Maggie I know.
    This is a courageous post to write as your first one. You know my view about God already, I think, but what struck me as I read this is the I have no idea what is behind your attachment to God. How does your devotion manifest itself in your life? And practically speaking (cause I'm practical) what benefit does this bring you? What do you mean by 'putting God first'?

    You might be interested in 'Moonboat Cafe', and 'Between You, Me and the Fencepost' from my blog list. Both bloggers declare their spirituality in a similar way to you.


    PS I have invited Friko to visit your new place.

  2. Hi Maggie from Canada,

    As you know Deborah called me over. I love Deborah's blog, anyone she recommends must be worth visiting. You may also remember that I commented on your 'other' site.

    Right, here goes: this is a very courageous statement to put out as your very first post. Does that mean that God and your relationship with God come before anything else?

    Next question: Does that mean that you are not interested in anyone whose relationship with God is, at best, ambiguous? My dialogue with a higher being has been going on for most of my life but neither of us has come to any conclusion. If I am anything, I am an agnostic.

    The red shoes are promising, I have one pair and people tell me that it takes a particular kind of personality to wear them. I just like them.

    Please, come and visit me too. A very recent post explained how and why I started to blog; and how slow the beginning was.

  3. Deborah, my devotion to God and putting God first looks like this: when I am not at peace I ask God for another way because my way isn't working. Then I listen and wait to see what wants to happen next. You don't even have to believe in God for this to work. Next time you are stressed just ask for another way and wait and see what happens. In the silence the internal chatter can stop. Writing to God is what brings me the greatest peace because I feel the love and I resonnant with the truth of what comes through. Thanks for the tough questions. It's one thing to have faith and another to put it out there and be asked about it.

  4. Friko, thanks for the visit. Yes my relationship with God does come before anything or anyone else when I remember. Of course I am human, have feelings of unworthiness as we all do. There are times I fall into the unworthiness and swim there for awhile until I remember to ask God for another way. As I mentioned to Deb, one doesnt' have to believe in God for it to work. Friko, my husband is an atheist and we have been married for 30 years. He actually has been a solid safe cushion for me through my spiritual growth as I have doubted and questioned, as I still do. He actually is pretty good at asking for another way when he isn't at peace. As far as the red shoes go-I was speaking metaphorically because I am triggered with fear at the thought of actually getting a pair but I am giving this over and asking for another way. Am liking that you have a pair. Will keep you posted on the possible upcoming aquisition of said shoes.

  5. Maggie, that is a fascinating question you have asked of God. I admit, I am very confused when it comes to God but that foundation does exist for me. I think that your question could be the same for many but could also have some different answers. I know for me, my fears are different than your own... However, I do commend you for even asking this question; I know that I am much too scared to do so on my own.

  6. Shattered,welcome.
    It does feel like I've jumped in the deep end with blogging and coming out about God but have been inspired by yours as well as other bloggers to just put myself out there. Thanks for the visit. Blessings

  7. Nice photo, Maggie!! Have you thought of making the poem your post? Then we can all comment!