Wednesday, January 13, 2010


discontinuous, VIGILANCE, eternally, immutable, bounded

Sometimes I come across a word that makes me pause & repeat its' sound over and over as I savour my time with it. Oh to be tickled so easily, for this I am grateful.


  1. Pretty delightful, Maggie. You've just never lost that child-like wonder that so many adults do.
    Personally, I enjoy those word verification words.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your masthead photo. It's excellent.

    I think I could use some holding upside down to shake out all the nonsense.

  3. California Girl
    Happy to hear you enjoyed the photo. Ditto re needing a good shaking out. I went to a workshop once where the participants stood in a circle and each person expressed their greatess fear and the rest of the group would laugh at the obsurdity of it. It was easy to see the craziness of others fears and more difficult to see the humour in my own. Who said: 'There is nothing to fear but fear itself'? That was what the exercise was really about-seeing how fear of the 'what ifs' cripple us, rob us of a full rich life. I am at a stage in my life now where I'm more the observer of the fear as opposed to drowning in it. I went on a bit didn't I?

  4. words and photos are beautiful. Keep it up. I shall come and check up on you!