Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beauty everywhere
in the
taken for granted
ice on bench
a ball of snow that leaves its mark
as it rolls
and casts its shadow
be aware
beauty everywhere.


  1. Thanks for the visit and comment.

    I am not sure how I feel about the poem. We are manhandled so much by everyone, I don't know if I am ready to have God start doing it too.

  2. Abraham, how I see this poem is like when a loved one says: 'I would love to shake some sense into you', when we have lost touch of what is really important. Your thoughts are always welcome here.

  3. the tracks across the snowy field are breathtakingly beautiful; is that your photograph? and did you make the tracks?

  4. Friko, my hubby took the shot of tracks across the snow and they were his tracks. I love this shot too.

  5. I'm going to assume that every photo on your blog is either your or Ron's doing...I agree with Friko about the tracks photo. It's gorgeous - and part of what makes it works so well is how it's been cropped (at least I think it's been cropped!) That's an art in itself, hey?

  6. Yes the pictures are mine except the tracks picture which is Ron's. The first feat was getting the pic on the blog the next will be to put some ID with it. It's a nice surprise to Ron to get the compliments.

  7. Hi Maggie,
    I've been visiting awhile - reading your poetry and enjoying the photos. Your snowy world mimics mine - so much beauty in the small things though there is majesty, too.