Friday, April 2, 2010

Rick Hansen bungee jumping 'A Gotta See'

I am having a problem getting this youtube going into its own post.  It goes into the middle of my last one for some reason.


  1. Oh my god. Rick Mercer and Rick Hansen!!! What a pair!
    could you do that?? I couldn't. But it was pretty cool to see Rick Hansen doing it. I think you might have to explain to people that he's Mr. Canada!

  2. I would never do that, but they looked like they enjoyed it.

    Have a Joyful Easter, Maggie!

  3. I'm thinking I would try it.
    Joy right back at ya Wanda.

  4. Riveting. "The first thing you do is go into denial." Ain't that the truth! We were in NZ once, with an opportunity to bungee jump, but being cowards passed. One couple (4 kids, mind you) decided to celebrate their anniversary by jumping together. Were they out of their minds? Yes. Did they have the time of their lives? Yes.
    But that is nothing compared to taking the leap in a wheelchair. Makes all of the risks we are so afraid of seem so little. Thank you.
    Loved Charles Trenet, too (is he the French Bobby Darin?--joke!). Very much like your blog; thank you for visiting mine. Big "inner yes" here.

  5. ds-hello. I just loved Rick Mercer's joie de vivre after he jumped- he was just so pumped. He wanted to jump, was scared but did it. Would have liked to seen a chat with Rick Hansen-guy in the wheel chair after his jump.
    Hope to connect again.