Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The wonder of nature

Instead of complaining
about the mosaic
I've decided to reprint these
4 pictures.
I just can't grasp
how nature does it
It's all a bit much for the intellect
but food for the soul.


  1. Food for the soul indeed, as well as a feast for the eyes.

  2. absoblooominlutely magnificent photos.

  3. It takes me awhile to get into a zone where I can really see the beauty. I find this with people too. If you're with me long enough you are going to be mightly beautiful.
    Friko I like the new photo of you.

  4. Your emphasis on the different features of an Iris have made them even more beautiful, Maggie.

  5. I still keep staring. Incredible, your eye. The iris. Hmm, we have irises in our eyes too.

    No, I never knew about morel mushrooms until we moved to the farm in 2003, when I was 47. My husband was the one who had had them as a child, then he heard about them through the school secretary who was from our town.

  6. The light! The light!!! Where did you get it from???

    And Friko used a tnesis!!! But a nice one....
    Maggie, if you haven't been to http://moptop-moptopspitstop.blogspot.com/2010/04/bloody-tmesis.html do take a look.

  7. Wanda -I like that you like my perspective.

  8. Ruth-I don't feel I can take credit other than being able to get out of my own way to let the beauty shine through. I know you understand this, it's not an ego thing.

  9. Deb-yah light can make or break a shot. It was indirect light through the back door.
    I did go to moptop-my oh my she has a mind that hears a different drummer. Very funny.
    Ok I was trying to use a 'tnesis' and it's not that easy.
    Friko- I admire your tnesis abosomazinlutely. Does that work????

  10. such beautiful and vibrant colors.

  11. Be still my heart! These irises are gorgeous! I don't know what your complaints about the mosaic were but I think both sets of photos are perfection.

  12. exquisite!
    (as is the regard you have for Nature.)


  13. These are lovely. An iris is my husband's favorite flower. Gorgeous!