Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Diet of Romantic Comedies

La mer 3:21 Charles Trenet 100 Classic French Songs Vocal 3/25/2010 9:12 PM

So this is the song sung during the credits of 'French Kiss' with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline--Kevin Kline
is the one singing and he is good.

Went to Value Village (thrift store) a few of weeks ago and picked up all these old romantic comedies that I had somehow missed and my hubby and I have just so enjoyed watching them.   They are all about 15 years old. Ok so there are many with Meg Ryan in them- 4 to be exact.  As long as you don't watch them back to back it is doable.

Here's the list:

  1.  French Kiss - Meg Ryan & Kevin Kline ****
  2.  Kate & Leopold - Meg Ryan & Hugh Jackman *****
  3.  City of Angels- Meg Ryan & Nicoles Cage *****
  4.  While You Were Sleeping- Sandra Bullock & Bill Pullman ****
  5.  Addicted to Love - Meg Ryan & Mathew Broadrick *****
  6.  My Life - Nicole Kidman & Michael Keeton ****
  7.  Sidewalks of New York - too many to mention ****
  8.  The English Patient ******
  9  Hope Floats - Sandra Bullock & Harry Connick Jr ***
10  Cassablanca - yet to watch

Are romantic comedies your thing?  Any to recommend this way?


  1. I've seen all but...Hope Floats and Sidewalks of New York...I loved The English Patient!

    Romantic Comedies are fine, but my favorites are movies like Cold Mountain, A River Runs Through It, La Vie En Rose, The Painted Veil and The English Patient.

  2. Ulp....the only one I can think of is 'Une Longue Dimanche de Fiancailles' whose English title escapes me. I can never remember the movies I've seen - and have been known to rent the same movie twice in a month, unwittingly!

    Like your list and will copy it to my expanding list of 'movie to see' which I always forget to take with me to the video store.

    What happened to Rick Hansen bungee-jumping??

  3. I adore Meg Ryan! My favorite is - You've Got Mail.

  4. Wanda-I haven't seen: ' The painted Veil' so I'll give it a try. I almost wasn't going to give the list of these movies since it seems too trite to love romantic comedies but me do.

  5. Deb- I can lend them to you when you're back.
    Wasn't that great seeing those 2 Ricks bungee jumping! I just loved it.

  6. Christina-Meg Ryan's movies are so feel good times aren't they. I give two thumbs up to 'You've got Mail' too.

  7. I love meg love love her !
    "you've got mail" is a favorite of ours.....
    and did you ever see "when a man loves a woman" where she's an alcoholic mother.....that one is amazing....

    and of course "sleepless in seattle" will never get old.....

  8. watch casablanca and get back to us. it may move up from number ten.

  9. I do love romantic comedies, and one of my absolute favorites is Bride and Prejudice. It's truly fantastic!

  10. Notting Hill ... Love Actually ... Bridget Jones' Diary ... and if you love romantic comedy with a major hit of sass: Adam's Rib (1941?) --> Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Those two were dynamite together! :-)