Saturday, April 10, 2010

More than just a shadow



Stopped in my tracks


a shadow

dynamic, powerful, strikingly beautiful


looking at its maker


simple, innocuous, dismissable twig

boring really

it causes dissidence in my brain


I am stopped in my tracks

once more



I haven’t figured it our yet

but it has something to do with

dismissing, judging,

missing the whole picture

of you

of me

I just know it was a profound moment of inner reflection to stop and question how I see the world



  1. I have moments like you speak of, Maggie, while walking in the woods, creek or field. What I see from afar is much different than what I see up close. Just realizing what all happens there that no one sees.

  2. That's a pretty amazing photo, Maggie. An unusual perspective on something that might otherwise have been ordinary. Makes me think of impact - skinny little twig, big shadow. Ah, but it's late and I'm winding down from the evening, and my brain is a bit mushy.
    I like your view of things....

  3. HI Maggie

    your shot made me think of the snake and the rope story ...of how the mind embellishes and exaggerates and sees things that are not there at all... of how we colour our world with fear...and expect to see the worst in a given situation...

    It can also speak of being discerning and attentive to what is really there, being more mindful and aware... opening our eyes and our hearts...

    there is always the dichotomy...

    Happy days

  4. inner reflection is so beautiful! : )

  5. Wanda-I agree there is so much beauty we can miss. I'm always surprised with what you find on your walks.

  6. Deb-I was quite surprised at the impact this shadow and twig had on me, something most often I'd pass by. It's funny what will strike one person and be dismissed by another. Makes for an interesting world eh?

  7. Delwyn-yes the mind, the mind it can make life heaven or hell. My spiritual practice is about being more mindful and aware of what the mind is saying. I see you are a busy bee on your blog. Always good to visit. Thanks for popping over.

  8. Christina-thankyou. I am always surprised what come out when a poem begins.

  9. It's true, you just have to start the poem, and it creates itself, right? I LOVE shadows and am often inspired by them. I like where you went with this - are going rather - about assumptions. I think it might be true of everything we see, they are just shadows of reality. I was talking with my son about this, how we imagine we know something about a person by how they look or act.

  10. Ruth-feel like we are very much on the same page.
    I have been humbled many a time by prejudging the book by its cover so to speak. It so an ongoing process of letting go moment by moment.

  11. stopping and questioning.
    it's what so many of us should do more of.

    Is it also called 'living in your head'?

  12. Friko-hello. I would call it not living in your head actually. When I don't stop and question, it feels like I'm living in my head, running the same old programs. When I do stop and question it feels like I am accessing a greater wisdom tapping into another way.

  13. So true; you can't judge a book by its cover. It may not be about just the twig, it may be about the shadow it casts - exaggerating its eccentricities with all the twists and turns. I think blogs have the potential to cast a long, interesting shadow. Yours does.

  14. To me it was a deep spiritual moment and I loved your description of it.

    Greetings from Kuala Lumpur.

  15. Good point about the shadow. I seem to be one who will look at the deeper meaning that exposes the side of me that feels not enough and not switch my graze to what wants to be expressed. Thanks for that dutchbaby. & thanks for the comp

  16. Cuban-it was a deep spiritual moment. Just read your post about driving and its sounds like driving and music send you to ah ha place. My hubby is stuck in England as you are in Kuala Lumpur due to the volcano ash. Happy extended holiday.

  17. Oh, you have a gift my friend. Not just in writing and posting, but in seeing. I love this. Reminds me of heaven in a wildflower... The mysteries of life - right there if only we have eyes to see.

  18. I just came back today. I hope your husband has made it safely back from England.

    Greetings from London.