Monday, July 12, 2010

A Day of Play - kayaking Banff to Canmore

Banff to Canmore Paddle July/ 2010

 Started @ Bow Falls in Banff, Alberta
Distance of trip:  22 km
There were 6 solo boats and two doubles
This part of the Bow River is class II- some wavey sections
We feel so blessed to have three Rivers to paddle near to us
Bow River, Elbow River & Kananaskis River

Me taking a rest in an Eddy- slow moving water that moves in the opposite
direction that the river is running
I'm paddling an 11' Dagger kayak that
is very comfortable/stable and very durable

The 10 of us take a lunch break
It was a cloudy, threatening to rain kinda day but
not a drop was dropped
and the clouds made it such a perfect temperature

Hubby sitting in Eddy against dunes
Wish I would have got a picture of the hodoos behind him
the hodoos are a sandstone rock formation caused by erosion
that look like sand spires

The cherry on the cake was first the sound of the train's whistle then
the sight of the red engine against the backdrop of the mountains.
It makes for such a nostalgic moment


  1. the rain held off just for you all. what fun!

  2. The icing on the cake was that video!
    Looked like a very relaxing day Maggie.

  3. Nice water music from the video, Maggie. i think I ought to get some kayak lessons under my belt and go out with you sometime. It's such a clean, pure thing to do!

  4. Looks like it was awesome! Did you guys use your own kayaks? Would love to do this journey but don't own a kayak. Do you know of any outfitter that will drop off at the launch point at Bow Falls? If you respond, could you please e-mail me at lkugler AT gmail DOT com (otherwise I won't see it)? Would really appreciate it!

    Also, any parts between Banff and Canmore that are difficult for unexperienced kayakers? I've kayak'd a few times before, but only on a calm river or ocean.

  5. Logan, tried to email you but it wouldn't go through. I suggested that you call Bow Waters Canoe Club-235-2922. There is a Banff-Canmore trip this weekend. You do need some skills for this stretch- able to eddy turns and upstream ferry if you are paddling solo. Tina @ 1- 403-985-0992 is the co-ordinator for the trip this weekend. Maybe there is someone who needs another paddler in their boat?
    Do you live in Calgary? Hope to see you on the water.

  6. Deb, it would be great to go paddling with you.
    It does feel so pure to be out on the water through the mountains.

  7. Wanda, you inspired me to add a video. Glad you liked it.

  8. Christina, it did feel like a gift that it didn't rain.

  9. What a marvelous trip! WOW!!