Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'The Wave'

We have been on the road again exploring Parks in the States. One of the highlights has been our hike to 'The Wave'- the actual name.

 It is located in Southern Utah.  Only 20 people a day can make the trek to 'The Wave' and they are chosen by lottery- 10 via online application and 10 @ the Warden Office the day before.  'The Wave' is ribbons of limestone that create these surreal land formations. 
The whole experience is quite the adventure from waiting in the office the morning before with many others to see if we'd be chosen, the excitment of being chosen, to hiking an unmarked trail using a sheet of pictures as reference points to The Wave,  then the awe of stepping into 'The Wave'.
That is my husband Ron in the picture. 

Just had to share this and encourage others to check it out.
Miss you guys.  How's it hanging out there?


  1. This is an astonishing thing, Maggie. I had never heard of it - showed it to P who is even more enthusiastic about going to that part of the US next year. So glad you got the go-ahead to walk through it - it must have felt like you were in a different world.

  2. Hi has been a lonnnng time.
    Glad you are enjoying your road trips!

  3. Hi Maggie.

    Wow, strange coincidence - I'm just going through my blog archives, found lovely comments by you, thought I'd come and see how you're doing - and there's only one post from you in the last year or so, and it was just a couple of weeks ago! Great to see you back :)

    The Wave is stunning. Incredible. Almost too surreal to be real!

    Would love to read more from you xoxo

  4. Thanks for your comments and visit. It truly was a surreal experience. We have found the National Parks in the States to be incredible.
    Looking forward to visiting your blogs in the future.

  5. I so want to see this for myself. WOW!!

    So, are you every coming back here, friend? You are missed.